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Thoughtful, nuanced communication crafted with an intuitive understanding of the context can make all the difference in every aspect of life.  My clients value my ability to perceive their intentions and express them with clarity and focus.

Corporations, companies, and individuals hire me to sharpen and clarify their prose and communications in:

  • Personal matters

  • Mailers and bulletins

  • Blog posts, content, and editing

  • Personal communications from executives

  • Email regarding sensitive topics, nuanced communication

I generate content in collaboration with my clients.  You pick the topic.  I can

write it for you.

I am a lifelong writer and skilled editor/collaborator with love of the craft and intuitive feel for style.  As you'll read in my testimonials below, I have the talent of incorporating your own voice and I write for you. I can also edit your well-written work. I offer substantive and content editing, as well as simple proofreading.

My clients include authors, memoirists, doctors, academics, a billion dollar medical conglomerate, an organic juice company from Seattle, a mom advocating for her children. If you need advocacy of any kind, I can help.

I am highly devoted to my clients' needs.  Please get in touch with me anytime and learn more, no obligation. I prefer to start for free. You pay nothing until you discover how valuable I am.

"I stumbled across Tristan one day when I was looking for a fresh new look for my fiction novel:  Broken Voodoo Doll. While going through a few 'not-so-convincing' profiles, I quickly spotted one whose title stood out from the rest. As I read on, my heart pounded, knowing that I had found the quality I needed and wanted. We've been doing business ever since. 


Tristan Luke. As the young generation say today: He's poppin'! He makes your work come alive with his phenomenal word play. Stylish. Engaging. A true artist. I've been blessed with his touch on my manuscript. He's top-notch."

- Camile G.

"It was a pleasure working with Tristan on my non-fiction manuscript. Tristan is an extremely talented, prompt, and responsive editor. As a collaborative editor, he worked meticulously to help me get the most out of the manuscript; his wizardry with the language made my prose sparkle. I think his expertise, effective communication, timely service and constant contact make him a true professional. Tristan is a top-shelf editor."

Y. A-Rahim., M.D, Ph.D.

"Wow!!! This is so spot on and beyond excellent! I am either a good communicator or you are a mind reader. Thank you so much!!!"

  - Miriam T. 

"Wow! Thanks for a quick turnaround. This is great! I am very happy to see your enthusiasm to help."

- T.P.

"You captured my ideas and made them sound like poetry."

- Amanda, university student

"Tristan is one of those rare individuals who immediately puts you at ease with his warm demeanor and cooperative style. Not only is he a wonderful person, but he is brilliant, creative, expressive writer.  I can't recommend Tristan highly enough!"

- Randi Brown

- Randi Brown

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