Photo courtesy of Rolf Hicker

If someone plucked you from where you are right now and lifted you up to a higher, wider perspective: if you could see the whole world and your own life in it, you would understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that your role in the universe is crucial.

You make a difference. You are the difference. It is only individuals like you, those who work with Sea Shepherd, the people who signed the petition below and who drive the outpouring of compassion and activism by people across the world who have ever brought about change.

Suppose I see a hungry dog on the way in to buy groceries. She obviously needs help. Now suppose I’m with a friend and in a hurry, and although my friend says he wants to help her I scold him. “You can’t help every animal in the world,” I tell him. I am so wrong to say that. God has not asked me to help every animal in the world. The Universe delivered me to this animal, at this time, right now. It’s called opportunity. Once I decide to take action, reach down to pet her and ask her how she is, a plan already forming in my mind for how to take action and help her, I will immediately feel gratitude and peace. I will understand that what I’ve done affects every other feeling being on the planet. This is why I met up with her. I had a job to do. The same will happen to you. Try not to let yourself think about big things. Know that there are many others like you, that you are supported, that in fact most people on this planet feel the same way you do. A vast majority of people are sensible, compassionate, resent the ravages and viciousness of empire and oppression, sense the deception underneath. Do not feel isolated; don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Just take action, and know that if we do what we can when we’re presented with the opportunity, and chose to first do no harm, for example by eating ethically raised meats and insisting on cruelty free shampoos and cosmetics, we are on our way to healing the world. We will always start from exactly where we are at this moment.


Please also consider this website, www.animalattraction.com . It’s a fun place, with fellow pet lovers posting their pictures and stories, and just for joining they donate 1 dollar to the animal welfare organization of your choice, plus a penny a day for each day you log in! It’s also a fun place to meet other pet parents and network, or if you’re single, find other pet parent singles for dating.

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Tristan L. Sullivan