Attention to Omens: The Snake

“I kicked the habit…
Shed my skin”

Peter Gabriel

I came home last night after looking at a new house and meeting some potential roommates, and what did I find in my studio? A snake! A tiny garter, pencil thin.

For some reason, I knew instantly this was a sign. I was hypnotized by its sinuous moves as it snaked across the floor.

If this was an omen, what did it mean? Was I about to be tempted? I spent some time last night and this morning studying the significance of the serpent as symbol or archetype. There were two interpretations spoke to me the most. Well, a third possibility is the return of my ex-girlfriend Natalie, a dangerous beauty who’s spirit animal is definitely the serpent.

But that’s another story… . So, two meanings, from this symbol:

One, I had just the day before been reading about awakening Kundalini at KL Masina’s be Conscious now weblog, so I was fascinated to find out this morning that the snake is associated with the stirring of Kundalini energy. Not surprising that it showed up, as this is how life tends to unfold.

Two, I had just been looking at a house and potential roommates. So that brings us to another association with the snake: change. The snake sheds its skin. It changes, and steps into a new life.

I eventually brought Snake outside and set him free in the beautiful wild woods of the Berkshires, but I regard this as an auspicious omen. A good sign.

Tristan L. Sullivan

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  1. K-L Masina | Are you rising to the challenge? says:

    I loved how your snake “snaked” across the floor… because snaking it what snakes do…

    But seriously, I have only seen one of two snakes on my life, and there is something so slithery and crawly and free about them…

    Loved the photo of the ex too – she looks like she might have been a python, one of the smaller ones. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I did some research on the symbology of snakes when I was writing an article on the Garden of Eden. I found it fascinating that the snake was represented in the Bible as a tempter… but in yogic, hindu or vedic thought… the snake represents Kundalini, one of the forms of the mother goddess Kali.

    The snake is about leaving the earthly plane and seeing clearly through the illusion…

    But why a snake? Why not some other creature? What is it about a SNAKE?

    Here’s a quote from my article:

    “The choice of the serpent as the temptation is not accidental. The myth would not be the same if a cat, or a cow had suggested to Eve that she eat of the fruit.

    The snake is one of the most symbolic of all animals, and it is found spread across a myriad of cultures and societies.

    It is not even uncommon to find myths and stories combining the serpent with the tree – as well as the story of Adam and Eve, a serpent and a tree features in Greek mythology, the story of Buddha and Mayan mythology, plus many others.

    It is a universal symbol of connection with the divine, of knowledge, of transformation and rebirth.”

    So much meaning, such a small, thin, garter snake!

    Many blessings,

  2. Tristan says:

    Wow, KL. Thanks so much for bringing us deeper into this idea of the snake as archetype and symbol. I love the quote from your article. This response is a part of my post now.

  3. K-L Masina | Are you rising to the challenge? says:


    My pleasure!

  4. rashmi says:

    What fascinated me to snakes was one experience that i had recently. i riding my bike .. n this huge king cobra… just passed in front of me from the right side… to the left side…….. i was curious as to what it denoted n so here i am…. hope it explains some of ur experiences tooo… cheers

    In a country like India where serpent worship is so common, the movements of these reptiles are looked upon as ominous. The vital statistics of the Indian Government show an annual loss of life by snake bite alone, averaging from twenty to twenty-five thousand. It is not then to be wondered at that the serpent should inspire a dread which leads on to propitiatory worship. They thus form a natural subject for omens.

    To see two snakes fighting denotes a quarrel between the beholder and his relatives ; to see two snakes making off in the same direction forebodes poverty. One snake swallowing another is a sign of famine. It is a good omen to any one who sees a serpent climbing up a green tree, for he is sure to be an emperor. It is a sign of coming misfortune to a king, if he sees a snake climbing down from a tree ; but the same thing is to other than kings a good omen. The entrance of a snake into a house denotes wealth to the householder ; but just the reverse if it is seen departing from a house. If a cobra is seen with its hood expanded and its tail erect, going across from the left to the right, it is a good sign ; if only its hood is expanded as it thus proceeds, it denotes a good meal for the beholder. If a snake comes towards a person from the right side it foretells success ; but it is a bad sign if it should come from the left. If anyone sees a snake crawling about in the road in front of him, it denotes success to his projects ; but evil will follow if the person halts. If when the snake sees anyone it expands its hood and erects its head, it foretells wealth and prosperity ; but, if it crawls into its hole, it denotes wealth to the poor, but poverty to the rich. To see a dead snake lying on the ground foretells news of death. Should a farmer on arriving at a field see a cobra with hood expanded and head erect, it shows that the field will yield a good crop; but if it should crawl away on seeing him, it denotes a bad crop. It is a sign of a good crop, if a cobra is seen with hood expanded and head erect when the farmer is sowing his seed. A snake crawling into the entrance of a village denotes good to the villagers ; but it denotes evil to them if it is seen running away from a village. To hear a serpent hiss on entering a village is a good omen ; but when on a journey it is bad to hear it hiss. If any one sees the trail of a snake on the ground, he must walk backwards along it, rubbing it out with his foot.

  5. Shower Enclosures says:

    Great comment, love the design of the site too.

  6. amit says:

    Hi Rashmi

    Many thanks about explaining SNAKE OMENS.

    For the first time in my life, I bought SHIV PURAN in my house and in the evening we found a small snake in the house.

    I was curious and quite tense as I knew it meant something, It could be a sign.

    Came across this link and several other and found it denotes wealth to the householder.

    Thanks again.


  7. bakiya lakshmi says:

    it was interesting to see all the comments about omens.. thanks for ur explanation…

  8. Visitor says:

    this morning i woke up..,opened the door and saw a snake right in front of me with his head erect(as though waiting for me) my but obvious reaction was to let out a scream and to this the snake made a turn and went straight to the garage!! i dont know if this means anything or not!! But its been on my mind!!

  9. robin says:

    Hello snake charmed and charmers. I was born in the year of the fire snake, and have always had a great connection and fear of the snake. I live in the south of Portugal in the campo. In the last 3 days I have seen three dead snakes at 3 different times in the road. I have almost run over 2, and I saw one slithering off into the bush! I have blessed the dead snakes and have put their bodies in the shade of cork trees…This is serious slithering action…I am feeling that heavy transition are knocking at my door…peace

  10. Tristan says:

    Hi Robin. It’s so fascinating that you wrote this today, because I just came across a picture of a rattler and sent it to my sister, just today, an unusual thing for me to do, and the girl I mentioned above had a birthday today! So, perfect timing on your part. Thank you. It really means a lot to me that you have so much respect and love for nature, that you would do that. Good luck with your changes… it’s the radically ambiguous field from which I’m sure you will shape something super cool! -T

  11. Beverly says:

    Omens: This has been the strangest day . . . First, there is a green frog sitting on the adjacent chair on my back porch (it is completely fearless). . . I have been in and out of the house numerous times . . . the frog will not move! Second, on one of my trips back outside, I saw a black snake trying to enter my house from the rafters (my back porch is a green frog haven so he may be looking for lunch). Anyway, it freaked me out and I pushed him to the ground with a broom (afraid he would make a home of my attic and he was big). Just checked . . . frog is still there. Are these omens?

  12. Tristan says:

    Hi Beverly. Yes! Because, this is so odd but the same day you posted this a garter snake slithered from my path back into the forest on my daily walk in the woods. I hadn’t seen one in a long time; so I thought of all this and wondered about it. Then, logged in and found your comment. That was cool. Thank you. p.s. the frog is about change too. making a leap. Sounds like your back porch is a pretty cool place.

  13. S RAVINDRAN says:


    I take walking in the afternoon every day On one day while taking a walk in the afternoon I saw a person walking in front of me Suddenly he rushed backwards and towards me I held him up and asked him what has happened He told there was a snake crawling on the left side of the path We both stood and watched the snake crawling towards us slowly The snake kept its head erect three or four inches above the ground level Constantly looking at us for a while the snake suddenly expanded its hood a very little on its right side and closed the hood immedietely After seeing it opening its hood a very little we came to know that it is a cobra Then the cobra went under a cluster of small plants The other person who was with me went away

    After taking two rounds of walking I passed the same place where I saw that cobra This time I saw the same cobra lying with its hood expanded full but not moving The cobra was lying in a straight line and its length was vertical to me It was lying in the same direction I was walking It was not facing me It was facing the direction I was walking I stood at a distance of four metres from that cobra lying on my left side and worshipped What is the omen on these sights? Kindly let me know the name of the detailed book on cobra omens with its author’s name and publications




  14. FRANKEY MATHEW says:

    Some days back , I experience this strange things while riding my bike ! A cobra crossed from the left side of the road stopped in the centre of the road ,rolled three times and went straight and few days later, two great Indian falcon came directly to my face almost hit my head but missed by few inches. What does it indicate ! Can anyone please explain this !

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